COVID-19 Policy

Here are the policies and the procedures that both TBT and our members must adhere to in regards to using and accessing the studio. 

We politely request you read through all of these policies as they will impact the way you use and access the gym going forwards. These must be adhered to as failure to follow the guidance can spread Covid-19 but could also lead to fines and even the business being requested to close. 

Due to the seriousness that we have to take this if any members fail to follow the guidence there will be no choice but to terminate the membership. Hopefully all will be fine to follow the rules and procedures and everyone can enjoy the new look TBT. 

So click on the links below to see how each section will effect you.

Can I bring Items Onto Gym Floor?

No. All personal belongings must be left at the front of the studio and cannot be taken onto the gym floor. For wiping up sweat blue roll is provided and must be thrown away after use.

Do I Have To Book?

Yes. All sessions be it gym only or group have to be booked in advance. If the session cannot be attended you must remove yourself from the session to allow others to attend. Cut off time for booking will be 4 hours in advance of any slots. You will not be able to attend any training session without booking.

If you fail to attend your booked slot you will have it marked against your membership. 3 marks achieved and your membership will be terminated as this restricts th ability of others to use the studio.

What Hours Are You Open?

Due to the government guidelines hours are restricted. This is to allow for a full clean to take place each day. There are also certain restrictions as to the hours the outdoor area can be used.

Daily opening hours

Mon to Fri 7am to 8pm (no admittance before or after these times to allow for cleaning)

Sat and Sunday 7am to 1pm (Again no admittance after these hours to allow for a full clean to be done each day.)

Outdoor area opening hours – gym only 8am

You will not be able to gain access before or after these times. This is due to the governments guidelines and restrictions having to be adhered to. Please remember this is not just a business request. If these rules are not complied with the business can be closed down so these are for everyones benefit.

How Do I Book Gym Sessions?

Gym sessions will be booked via teamup. The sessions will be available on the schedule for you to book. Please be aware that not every hour of every day will be available for gym only.

Also gym only access may be restricted to a certain section of the gym. So for example it maybe the session is only available for outdoors instead of indoors. Each session will clearly have the part of the gym you are able too book.

Can I Pay In Cash?

No. All payments now need to be made using either card or via monthly subscription.

Can I Use The Toilet?

Yes however you must clean the toilet after using it with the items provided. Staff will then do a disinfect once a hour and record this.

Can I get Changed At The Gym

Unfortunately no. You must arrive and leave ready to use the gym. Changing cannot be allowed in the toilet area.

You may however change your shoes in the reception area on arrival as long as your pair to change are put straight into a bag.

Do I Need To Use Sanitiser?

You MUST use sanitiser on entering and exiting the gym. The sanitiser is both at the front of the main gym and the outdoor area. Sanitiser is also found at the sink and at points in the middle of the gym.

Do I Need To Clean Kit?

Yes. As a member you must clean and wipe down all kit you use utilising either hand wipes or spray to do this. The disinfectant spray is designed to be left on and does not need wiping down after spray.

Anyone found to not be cleaning kit will have membership terminated.

Will you be deep cleaning?

Yes. The gym will have a deep clean and disinfect every day. The floor will be mopped and all kit will be sprayed with disinfectant ready for the next day. This does not stop the requirement for individuals to clean kit during their session.

How long can I stay?

To allow fairness for all you will be allowed an hour each time. This means that you will be able to come in get your workout done and then leave before others arrive. You cannot hang around chatting with others, no queues will be allowed and no groups of individuals permitted unless attending a session with an instructor.

Group Sessions and 1-2-1 Sessions

All members must be booked in before attending.

No one will be able to attend sessions if not booked in before cut off period. This is to allow for queue management, social distancing and planning of sessions to take place.

How Many Are Allowed In?

To comply with ventilation requirements and social distancing we will be allowing a max of 6 inside the gym at any one time (1 of the 6 will be staff) and outside we will be allowing 4 due to social distancing.

So each gym slot will have the numbers allocated for booking accordingly on its slot. You will not be able to bring friends or family down with you and non members cannot attend either. This is due to the need to record who accessed the gym and when.

How far do we need to stay?

Due to the way that you will breathe harder when exercising it will be 2 meters. You cannot work closer than this to another individual.

The cameras will be monitoring at all times. Please do not breach these distances while working out. If you need to get equipment then you must sanitise your hands first, take the equipment back to your section and then clean the equipment with wipes or disinfectant before returning it. Do not pass it to another individual.

What About Water?

You must bring your own water and water bottles. You will not be able to use the water from the studio.


You may bring a towel. However this must be kept with you at all times. It cannot be used to wipe down the equipment. Only use the wipes and blue roll provided.


Only turn up at the designated time of your session. Not before. If there are people still in the area you will be attending you MUST wait for them to vacate before entering the area.

Likewise you must not hang around after your slot has finished within the studio vicinity. Queuing can happen if necessary following the relevant signs.

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