With a focus on results you will find that you have access to a clean, well equipped private coaching studio.

This means the focus is on you and not others. Your progress is checked and always modified based on your goals and results.

Utilising a vast array of training methods the results come quickly and are effective. They will stick with you for a long time and will help you change your lifestyle not just your physical appearance.

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Rich Jay

Owner, Personal Trainer

Rich Jay

Owner, Personal Trainer
Specialises in strength, hypertrophy and rehab as well as female specific training.
Over 20 years of training experience as well as tutoring students on becoming trainers and therapists.
Concentrating on the best outcome for the client and finding the right way to get them the results they want with the minimal amount of fuss.

How Are We Working Due To Covid-19

Covid-19 is here and has changed the way we work and interact for everyone. We have several new ways of working and regulations we must adhere to which protect you and our staff.

This doesn’t mean you cant get the same great support and enjoy your training it just means modifications need to be made. Find out all you need to know here.

What Are The Gym Opening Hours

Due to the additional requirements needed to keep the gym clean, equipment cleaned, maintained and disinfected hours will need to be changed.

We now have a fully equipped indoor and outdoor training area. The indoor area will be in use between the hours of 7am and 8pm.

The outdoor area will be in use for PT from the hours of 7am and 8pm but will only be available for non instructed use between 8am and 7pm depending on the schedule booking times.

Can I Sign Up For Gym Only Since Covid?

No. Due to new covid restrictions no new gym members will be taken. Members that stayed through lockdown will be allowed to use the gym utilising the booking system but due to limits being placed on numbers we can no longer allow gym only memberships.

Do I Need To Book?

Yes. All sessions need to be either pre agreed to set times (Personal coaching), advanced booking (group training), or booking sessions for gym times.

This is to allow social distancing and cleaning routines to be adhered to. If you just turn up you will not be allowed entry.

How Long Can I Use The Gym?

Sessions for existing gym only members are requested to be no longer than 1 hour. This is to allow all existing clients enough time to be able to attend gym sessions. Group and PT sessions will be set based on the schedule.

Access To The Gym Or Outdoor Area

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Can I Change At The Gym?

No. Due to the requirements for cleaning and disinfecting we request you arrive at the studio ready to train.

What Has Happened To Function Fit?

Due to the requirements from the government placed on indoor gyms function fit is no longer able to take place. This however has been replaced by our new group training programs.

More details on these can be found below.



Our aim is to get you the results you want in the most effective and enjoyable fashion. We offer both personal training and small group training to get you in the best shape of your life.

Both are effective, the only difference is price and preference. Get in touch to find out more or have a chat to see what suits you best.

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    We offer various options to help you reach your goals. Qualified trainers that help with fat loss, nutrition, performance, aesthetics and injury rehabilitation.